What cup size would I be looking at if I added a 425cc to a already natural 36DD.. I’m 5’8 and 195lbs

Cup size can vary with different brands as well as size of the rib cage.  I have found that the best analogy for bra cup size is dress size.  I often explain it to patients that the same way there is no standard for dress size (for example “what does a size 2 in dress size really mean?”) there is no standard for cup size.  The same person could be a DD in one brand of bra and a C in a different brand.  The most important thing to go over with your plastic surgeon is what shape are you looking for, do want it to look “natural” or not.  Also one way to get an idea of what size implants to use would be to try on a few different sizes in a specially designed sizing bra and see how you look in clothing.  Another way would be to test what volume to use would be to put a 100cc of rice in a small “Ziploc” bag and place as many as you of them in your bra as you need and then see what it looks like.  This is a very effective way to get an idea of what size implant to use.  All of this should be done with the guidance of your plastic surgeon.  I hope this helps.  You can also see the link below for a number of before and after photos which may help you get a more perspective on what you may want.

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